Shaped to make a statement.

With its signature European styling cues preserved, the new Focus is visually updated with kinetic design elements. It is still recognisably a Focus, yet identifiable as a new-generation Ford. Its unique look is now accentuated by exterior features that are more athletic and highly expressive, making this new model aesthetically confident and contemporary.

Trapezoidal grilles

Dramatic new front defines new styling.

Swept back headlamps

Better illumination, more dynamic profile.

Braking technology

Special sensors detect when a wheel begins to lock-up under braking and activates the ABS system. This helps to reduce stopping distances while maintaining your ability to steer the car out of danger.

Rigid body structure

An advanced, ultra stiff body structure, this exceptional rigidity delivers a range of benefits including stiffer mounting points on which to anchor the suspension for confidence - enhancing body control and a ring of protective steel to provide superior crash protection.

Seat of power

Simple and elegantly placed, all information and controls you need are ergonomically and purposely well laid-out. So you’re in full control.

Mp3 connectivity

Easy-to-use audio auxiliary jack for your MP3 player that allows you access to your personal music collection on the go.